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  • It weakens bonds between the hydrogen and carbon atoms, so the dissociation takes place faster.
  • Rearrange the hydrocarbon molecules by attaching oxygen molecule to the weakened carbon structure.
  • Control of microbial contamination of wet fuel.

The bio-catalyst to a certain extent at elevated temperatures before ignition ingests some amount of organic sulphur present in FO. This reduction in elemental sulphur suppresses the formation of harmful compounds of sulphur which is again reflected in SOx emissions. To a certain extent this sulphur is ingested by bio-catalyst when SUPREME-95 is mixed in the tank leading to reduction of about 0.1% to 0.2% reduction. This again helps in reducing the formation of harmful compounds of sulphur. As an effort for continuous product development and improvement motto of SOHAM ENERGY SOLUTIONS we now Endeavour to launch a further technologically advanced version of SUPREME-95 which will take care of elemental sulphur in a more better and efficient way then done presently. We plan to launch the same by mid of next year.

The above combination of actions and reactions will help in improving productivity, reduce maintenance, improve burning efficiency and the summation of all these benefits will bring the mixture of FO+SUPREME-95 close to the properties of LDO because of which we have successfully carried out conversions at lot of customer places.